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                       JULY 2015
          Brother Andrew Marshall Fort
  Brother Andrew Fort, a dedicated member of CMBC for the past eight years, was baptized by Pastor Robert E. Harper in 2007. He is a christian man with a pleasant demeanor and a great personality. He greets everyone with a broad smile and is always fun to be around.

  Brother Fort is a member of the Men's Sunday School class and is an active and diligent worker around the sanctuary. He performs many duties, and out of kindness, he helps our senior members who are in need, assists the kitchen committee, and makes himself available for security details regarding funerals. With a very active agenda, he still proudly serves as an Armor- Bearer to Pastor Harper.
  In his spare time, Brother Fort enjoys traveling with his long-time companion, Sis. Flora Coats, who is also a dedicated member of CMBC. They participate in various sports activities with family members and enjoy cook-outs and eating good food! Brother Fort volunteers his services at the ADA S. McKinley Senior Building where his late, beloved father, John Fort once resided.

  The CMBC family salutes you Brother Andrew Fort! You are an outstanding member of the church and community and we are better and more blessed because you are here. Keep doing the fine work that pleases our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!