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March 2013

The Craig and Love Families
The members of Christian Missionary Baptist Church would like to recognize the Craig and Love families as the families of the month for March 2013. Both families have a long tradition of faithful service to God and their church. Their CMBC tradition started many years ago with Deacon George and Deaconess Helen Love. When you met them or any member of their family you understood why their last name was Love.

Our family profile will begin with the Craig family. The Craig family is lead by the dynamic duo of Deacon Ernest and Deaconess Robin Craig. They are a great example of a Christian marriage and friendship. They are individually funny but hilarious together.

Ernest and Robin are very active members of CMBC. Ernest is first and foremost a Deacon. Ernest other duties and responsibilities include Superintendent of the Sunday School Department, member of the male chorus, a member of the Christian Education Committee and master griller to name a few.

Robin is first and foremost a Deaconess. Robin other duties and responsibilities include choir director and Vacation Bible school coordinator to name a few.

Ernest and Robin have three children who are or have been members of CMBC. Their names are Steven, Jacqueline and Jessica. They also have three grandchildren Lourdes age four (4), Steven Jr. eight (8) and Jayce 14 months.

Jacqueline is one of our young adult members that have gone away to college and returned to help her church grow. Jackie is a young professional and fashionista. Jackie has a son named Jayce.

Jessica is one of young adult members who is currently away in college. When Jessica is home from school she always visits the church and return to her role of drummer for the choir.

The Craig and Love families are bound together through Robin. Let's look at another branch of the families.

CMBC is currently blessed to have three members of the Love family on the roster (Deacon Love, Mary Love and Annette Love), but we see many of the family on a regular basis throughout the year; Sheliah, Stephanie, and Alec, just to name a few.

Mary Love serves as a faithful Senior Usher. Mary is a faithful member, regularly attends Sunday School and is currently part of the 52nd church and 16th Pastor's anniversary committee.

Annette Love is the most recent member of the family to join CMBC. One of the most joyous days in recent history was the day the Annette stopped visiting and made her way down the aisle to turn her life over to the Lord. Deacon Love let out a shout of praise to let us know that GOD answered his prayers.

The patriarch of the Love family is Deacon George Love. Deacon Love is the oldest male member of our congregation. Deacon Love or "Papa" as some call him, serves in many roles throughout the church. First and foremost he is a Deacon. He faithful watches over the Junior Sunday School department each week. Deacon Love is also the first one in the door for weekly prayer meeting, first out the door for the Evangelism Ministry and first in the sanctuary for devotion on Sunday morning.

The Scripture says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.  These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts.” Deuteronomy 6:5-6

Dec. Love has kept these commandments. He has dedicated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Dec. George Love was a raised in Kilmicheal, Mississippi. He confessed Christ at a very early age. He followed in his Dad’s footstep and became a Deacon of the church. He has been a member of Christian Missionary Baptist Church for over 40 years.

Deacon George Love as a Dad, 
My dad has wholeheartedly committed himself to these commands. He has taught his children to fear and love the Lord. He has set his children down in his house and talked about the word of God. When he walked down the street he witness to people about the love of Jesus. He studies the word of God daily. When you enter his house you can feel the present of the Lord and you will be Blessed.

As you read this page you can see how both families are intertwined throughout the church. One of the blessings they have provided is their annual Kwanzaa celebration. Both entire families come to CMBC on New Year's Day and have a grand celebration. This is not just an opportunity to share a meal, but appreciate and reflect on our Christian, African American heritage and culture.

We the members of CMBC would like to recognize the Craig and Love families for their faithful dedication and service to our church and surrounding community. We truly love you all and are truly blessed to have both clans as part of the CMBC family.
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