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July 2012

Deborah Robertson
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In the Bible, Deborah is a rare biblical character who is described as a judge, military leader, and prophetess in the Book of Judges: 4-5. She has the qualities of a strong, heroic woman of faith and discernment that greatly parallels one of our own members, Sis. Deborah Robertson, who shares her name.
As a member of CMBC for over thirty years, Deborah has grown as a woman of faith, family and friendship. Deborah is family oriented and attends service faithfully as does her Mom, (Sis. Blanche Marbly), her daughter, (Sis. Kimberly Robertson), two grandsons, (Kamari and Keenan), her sister (Sis. Barbara Richard) and nephew, (Malik).
While nurturing her relationship with God in this humble abode. She has served our Church as a member of the Kitchen Committee and in various other capacities. When called upon, she is always willing to offer her support to fellow members through prayer, good deeds and words of encouragement.

For over four decades Deborah has been rearing three generations of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in CMBC's loving environment. One of her most endearing qualities and messages to her children is the value of hard work and integrity.

As a retired employee of the City of Chicago, Deborah earned her various precedent setting positions with these values. At times balancing her roles as mother, worker, and woman of faith have been difficult. There were times when her job took time away from both home and church. Raising children took time away from work and her faith took priority over them all!
Through Prayer and dedication, Deborah realizes that everything happens in God's right time and right place. Her favorite scripture is the 23rd Psalms.

Like the "Deborah" in the Bible, our own Deborah embodies leadership, hard work, humility, and a great talent for discernment. She is always learning and growing in faith, wisdom, and experience, all of which she uses to take take care of herself and her family. With more time on her hands, Deborah plans to take more classes studying the "Word of God"
and mentoring to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, while "loving life"! We proudly salute you, Sister Deborah Robinson, keep doing God's work!