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Lula Delno (Family Matriarch)

Lula Delno was born and reared in Bissmer, Alabama. Lula relocated to Chicago, Illinois 69 years ago and was blessed to give birth to three children Ozeal, Leatrice and Alvin.God has bless Lula to see her 90th birthday on August 1, 2012.

Ozeal Wyatt

There are now four generations alive at this time, but they will always treasure their memories of the eldest grandchild William, better known as Billy, who passed away in 1994.

There are three grandchildren; Ebonie, Jacquay and Janae.

There are five great grandchildren Mizani, Deja, Aeja, Tyvion and Jason.

The family joined (CMBC) in 1986 under the leadership of
Pastor John Taylor. Lula Delno, the family matriarch, joined the senior chorus. Ozeal joined the nurse's ministry, which she is now president. Leatrice is a faithful, 30 year member, of another church, but visits CMBC when possible.

The grandchildren joined CMBC's Junior Choir and Junior Usher Board during their early childhood. Now all grown up with families of their own, they are doing well with God's help. Their children are following in their parents footsteps as they are faithful members of CMBC's youth ministries.

With God's grace and mercy, they will continue to be faithful in Christ.

We the members of CMBC would like to recognize all the branches of the the Delno and Wyatt family tree. Pastor Harper has always said that our church is a family based church and this family is a faithful member of our church. God always give you just what you need and we are thankful for these members.