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August 2014
       Sister Flora Coats

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  Sister Flora Coats, lovingly called Flo, has been a faithful member of CMBC for 27 years. She is the proud mother of three children: Melvin, Chrissy and Elizabeth. She is also a very proud grandmother and a great-grandmother who                                   brings sunshine into the lives of others.
  Sister Coats serves with the Senior Usher's Ministry, regularly attends Sunday School, and dutifully comes out to testify about the goodness of God during the                          Church's Prayer Services on Thursday nights.
  She is a former employee of the United States Postal Service. Currently, she is a successful business entrepreneur who operates her own Day Care Service. Sister Coates is very inspiring and caring and reaches out to the community by           employing others. She takes pride in helping them and their families.
  Flo's work keeps her extremely busy.  Whenever she gets the chance, however, she makes time for homemaking tasks and a little relaxation. She enjoys having fun and traveling with her very special friend, Brother Andrew Fort, also a faithful member of CMBC.  Though at times, her work schedule becomes very hectic, she never forgets who is the head of her life: It's non other than "Jesus Christ", the "Son of the Living God"! Her favorite scripture in the Bible is the 23rd number of                                                                 Psalms.
  Sister Flora Coates, keep up the good work. Your CMBC Family appreciates and salutes you as our August 2014 honoree! God sees your faithful diligence in                                    everything that you do, and he appreciates you too!