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September 2014
                 "The Harvey Family"
                 Sister Vonita Michelle 
                Kaneshia, Destiny, Nakesha, Moesha,
                                Skylar & Malone

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    Sister Vonita Michelle, simply called Michelle by everyone, is a loving mother of eight beautiful children and a dedicated member of CMBC. She truly loves the Lord, his humble servant and serves faithfully and actively along with her children.
    Always honoring God and respectfully obeying Pastor Robert E. Harper, the bible says in the book of proverbs 22:6: "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." This scripture is truly one she lives by and keeps close to her heart.
    Michelle is a beautiful person, with a friendly personality and kind spirit who makes it clear that she loves the Lord and is not afraid to shout out his grace from one church service to the next, at home, or even in her car! Her love is the fuel that enables her children to pursue their dreams, and she's truly a living and walking testimony of God's grace.

    Kaneshia Harvey is 19 years old and attends Olive Harvey College where she studies Biological Science. She is an expectant mother of a soon to be born son.  She is a true believer in Christ and is grateful that he has blessed her and her family in numerous ways. She never ceases to praise her Lord and Savior.
    Keneshia's gratitude also extends to the members of CMBC, and she 's always ready to lend a helping hand whenever she is needed. This is your world, Keneshia, shape it as no one else can or will!
    Destiny Parker  has been a dedicated member of CMBC for the past 3 years and served with the Nurses' Ministry for two years. She is 22 years old and currently attends college where she is pursuing a career in the medical field. She currently works two jobs as she strives to reach her goal.
    Destiny gave her life over to Christ early in her teen years and is proud to be a child of God! Keep trusting in God Destiny, your dreams will become your reality!
    Nakesha Harvey is 13 years old and enjoys playing basketball for her school, Langston Hughes. She sings with the choir, is a member of the praise dance team, and is also an usher.
    Nakesha says she enjoys praising God and treasures every moment because she appreciates his love and blessings. There's no better purpose than living a Christian life!
    Moesha Harvey, currently a sophomore at George H. Corliss High School, is an impressive young lady at the age of 15 years. She loves to play the game of basketball and truly loves the Lord, her Church and her family.
    Moesha has a very beautiful singing voice and shares her talent by singing with the youth choir. There is faith and joy in singing, Moesha, so keep it up!
    Skylar Dunn is an adorable 6 &1/2 year old honor roll student who currently attends Beethoven Elementary School. She loves cheerleading and participating in "Beauty Pageants". Skylar developed a love for God at a very early age, and continues to praise him through praise dance and song!
    "Sincere" Malone is 11 years old and loves to play basketball and football. He is currently the starting quarterback for the "Chicago Cardinals Little League Football Team". He developed a love for God at a very young age and is proud to serve him every day of his life.
   The CMBC Family salutes you, "The Harvey Family" and are pleased and more blessed because you are among us! There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy, and your "Sisters and Brothers in Christ" can clearly see that, and appreciate each of you!

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