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February 2015
  Sister Karatina Dillard

    Sister Karatina Dillard, simply called "Tina" is a very loving, kind, and generous person. She is the eldest of three children and her Mother is CMBC Trustee, Stephanie Williford. Her Mom says that in the beginning when CMBC first opened its doors, Sister Dillard was among the very first of the young people to join the church. She always loved to attend the  services and had a great love and respect for Rev. Taylor, as she currently does for Pastor Harper.
    In past years, Sister Dillard served as a member of the Usher's Board, the Youth Choir, and she loved the BTU. Currently, she serves with the Nurse's Ministry, which is good because she loves caring for people. In fact, she voluntarily moved to Arkansas and stayed there for four years to care for her ill grandmother. She attended North East Arkansas Community College and received her CNA License to learn how to take better care of her grandmother. This is just one               example of how kind and compassionate she is!
    Sister Dillard extends her caring heart through her job as she works for the "Safe Passage Program". She makes sure that the children remain safe while walking to and from school every day. She likes to minister, pray and pass out copies of the Daily Word pamphlets to the kids. She loves spending time with her great niece and nephew, Jakiah and TJ. Her favorite gospel song is "Take Me Higher" and her favorite scripture is Psalms 31:1.

  Sister Dillard is a very eager and enthusiastic member of our Nurse's Ministry. She's totally unselfish and has a kind and willing spirit!

Sister Ozeal Wyatt
Karatina, (Tina) is my older sister who is so sweet and loving! She is very generous and will give you her last! In the
past, sometimes I would accompany her to her job on Friday's and afterwards she would take me shopping. There were  times when she would put some of her items back, just so that I could have what I wanted. She is a great big sister with a big heart and she loves helping others.Tina loves the Lord and enjoys doing his work. I love her dearly, am proud of her and glad God made her my big sister!

   I am finally glad be able to tell everyone how nice and sweet my sister Tina is. She's a caring person who can see the good in everyone. When mother would ask my twin, Darlene or me to do something, if we didn't want to do it or were a little hesitant, Tina would always volunteer to do it!
     I am so proud of her because I have seen how much her love and relationship with God has grown. I can also see how much she loves her church family. Most of all, I see the special love she has for Pastor Harper and the Associate Ministers, especially since she's joined the Nurse's board. She is always willing to volunteer and loves when she's asked to help out. I am so glad to have a big sister like Tina!

Sister Karatina Dillard, your CMBC Sisters and Brothers in Christ love and appreciate you. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, so  keep doing the work that  pleases the Lord!!