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December 2012
Leaks, Harston & Douglas Families

Arzella Leaks

Arzella was born and raised in Cotton Plant, Arkansas. She is the oldest of six children. After the death of her mother, she helped her father raise her younger siblings: Wenzell, Connie, Gloria, Peter and Travis; in which they all call her Sister. She moved to Chicago, Illinois in the early 1950s. Arzella has ten children: Shirley, Carl, Kathleen, Eddie Jr., Wenzell, Rachelle and Gwendolyn. Three of her children have gone to be with their Lord: Theartis, Maxine and Marion. She has 16 grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren, all whom she loves dearly.

She retired from the United States Postal Service in 1999. Arzella is a faithful member of CMBC and has been for 40 years. Arzella really loves her church, her pastor and her church family, but most of all she really, really loves the Lord.

Samuel and Gloria Harston

Samuel and Gloria grew up on neighboring farms in Cotton Plant, Arkansas. The two along with friends and family migrated to Chicago, Illinois in 1953 for better opportunities. They fell in love and married in January 1955. They have six children: Emanuel, Michael, Samuel Jr., Brenda, Mable and Lisa. Even though they only birthed six, they loved, raised and cared for many others. They have 20 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren, whom they cherish dearly. To everyone they are affectionately known as Bigma and Granddad.

Samuel worked for many years as a forklift operator and Gloria worked the United States Postal Service. After 57 years of marriage, they continue to grow and prosper in the Lord. They have been faithful members of CMBC for 40 years. Samuel is dedicated to his work with the Trustee ministry and Gloria serves faithfully in the Mothers and Mission ministry.

Jace M. and Brenda L. Douglas Sr.

Jace and Brenda have been married for 27 years. Brenda was born in Chicago, Illinois, while Jace relocated from Columbia, South Carolina. Together they have two children: Natalie and Jace Jr. They also have three grandchildren: Ariel, Arnae and Amari. They are loving godparents of JaHarmony Brown. Jace retired from the United States Army in 1991 as a First Sergeant. He worked as a forklift operator until an accident forced him into double retirement. Jace now volunteers as an Athletic Director for the Will-Cook-Kankakee County Youth Football League. Brenda has been a model and dedicated employee with the University of Chicago Medical Center for 34 years. They have been dedicated member s of CMBC for six years.

Jace has helped with the Men’s Day Carwash every year. Brenda helps in the kitchen when asked, has been Chairwomen of Women’s Day and part of the Church’s 50th and Pastor Harper’s 14th anniversary committee. They have always and continue to have a special love, commitment and relationship with God.

  Jace M. Douglas Jr.

Jace was born as one of God’s miracle children. The doctors said he wouldn’t make it through the night, but God saw otherwise. Jace is an exceptionally gifted child with a hearing impairment. However, that does not keep him from loving the Lord. Jace has been a member since the age of seven and was dedicated and baptized by Pastor Robert E. Harper. He serves in the Junior Usher ministry. Besides his love of the Lord, he also loves sports.

He plays football, basketball and baseball for the Country Club Hills Park District. Jace was the first hearing impaired child in the State of Illinois to receive a Black Belt at the age of 10.

He is in the eighth grade at Old Quarry Middle School, where he receives straight A’s. Jace received a 70% on his Math MAP test, which means on 30% of all students across the country scored higher than him. His favorite saying is “Only God can judge me”, and his favorite bible verse is John 3:16.

The members of Christian Missionary Baptist Church would like to recognize the Harston, Leaks and Douglas families as our family of the month. We are truly blessed and a stronger congregation with a family unit such as your as our members.