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                 MEMBER OF THE MONTH

                           OCTOBER  2015
             Trustee Emeritus Listoria Perryman
This month, we proudly honor Trustee Emeritus Listoria Perryman, affectionately called Mama "P"!
She began her faithful service under the Late Pastor John Taylor, and currently serves under the leadership of Pastor Robert E. Harper. She lived in the community for many years and has been a dedicated and faithful member of CMBC for more than
40 years. She truly loves her Pastor and Church Family.
Sister Perryman was the 7th of 10 children, born and raised in Berwick, LA. She was married to the late Johnnie C. Perryman and has two daughters, Carolyn and Yolanda. She cherishes them as strongly as she did during their childhood years when she worked along with the Girl Scouts simply because they were involved.

Sister Perryman has served diligently throughout the years here at CMBC. She has a lovely singing voice  and loves music. In fact, she has written several songs and holds the copyright and sheet music to a song, titled "What is His Name"? To her credit, she has served as Finance Committee Secretary, a trustee, sang with the Senior Choir and worked with the VBS during many summers. Along with her late husband and several other members, "Commodities and Feeding the Homeless" events were birthed. Well known for her superior penmanship, she designed beautiful banners, signs and posters for the church and the neighborhood alike. She has always had a great sense of humor and a reputation for saying exactly what's on her mind. If your writing was illegible, she would be the 1st to call it "chicken scratch!

Sister Perryman has a kind and loving heart and as a result, she has clothed, fed, mothered and nurtured countless neighbors, their families, and friends. Many members are not aware of her passion and love for sports. While still a student, she intentionally stopped completing her assignments during her final year in high school in hopes that she would be held back just to continue playing basketball. The problem was that in prior years her grades had been so good that her teachers passed her anyway. Another talent was her ability to cook great meals. If you had the pleasure of sitting at her kitchen table, you likely enjoyed specialties like gumbo, stuffed cabbage, succotash, stuffed peppers, stewed chicken with rice and gravy and her superb fried catfish.

Although she has played a role in the lives of many children, she has three precious flowers in her bouquet. Her own, whom she has fully bloomed: Carolyn Perryman-Johnson, aka "The Comedian, Yolanda D. Perryman aka "The Psalmist, and her very special son Correlle J. Walker, aka "Baby Boy.

A Special Message From Yolanda......
Mama, as a child, you dedicated your life to caring for me. The countless doctor's visits, tests, medications and sleepless nights to make sure I became a healthy productive person are evidence of your unselfishness. I am a product of your prayers, faith, and God's divine intervention and healing. Having been diagnosed with cancer as a baby was proof that God had a plan for my life and he entrusted you with me and for that, I am grateful!
I appreciate this honor and gesture of love by those you hold close to your heart. The song you often sing was given to you as you left the hospital on the day that I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, and you have been standing on it every since.
Have you any river, that you deemed uncrossable? Have you any mountain, that you can't tunnel through? God specializes in all kinds of diseases. If you trust Him, He can do what no other doctor, no other physician can do.....

Sister Listoria Perryman, your CMBC Family loves and appreciates you! We are better, more blessed and truly proud that you are our "Sister in Christ"!