Upon arriving at CMBC, more often than not, the first of many friendly faces you'll see is that of Brother Michael Shannon. Smiling, greeting everyone, offering parking advice, escorting the ladies from their cars and holding the door until they are safely inside. That's Michael rendering "Voluntary Security" duties  purely out of the kindness of his heart!!

   Michael is the son of Mother Myrtle Meeks, CMBC nurse emeritus. He has two sisters and four brothers who always stand with, and support him in his life endeavors.  He is family oriented with  a main priority and focus on serving God. He has the utmost love and respect for his family, Pastor and Church family as well.

  Michael was baptized under the leadership of the late Pastor John Taylor. He currently serves faithfully under Pastor Robert E. Harper, for whom he is an armor bearer. He is always ready to assist Pastor Harper with any special needs or requests that he may have on Sunday mornings.


   Michael is a very dedicated, faithful, loyal and hard working Christian soldier. His love for his fellow Church family is so outstanding that he regularly escorts the ladies, or anyone who needs  assistance getting out of the Sanctuary, directly into their cars.

   To his credit, Michael also volunteers at the Neighborhood Outreach Community Church every Wednesday and Saturday. He  is currently enrolled in the Continuing Education Program At Olive Harvey College to further his education.


Michael is a very Humble, Faithful, Noble, and Devoted young man who loves helping others! What a legacy he's building! One of his favorite sayings is "I never would have made it without the Lord, my family and Church family." He has always acknowledged, and still believes that a change would come as long as he has the Lord on his side."

  On behalf of Pastor Harper and the Christian Missionary Baptist Church Family, "Thank you for all that you do for CMBC!" Michael, we truly love and appreciate you, so keep up the good work!!
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