Christian Missionary Baptist Church

This month, we salute Mother Willie Mae Gilliam as our Honoree.
Mother Gilliam moved to Chicago from her original home in Pensacola, Florida.
She joined CMBC in 1977 and still serves faithfully with the Sunday School and the Mother's and Mission Boards. She worked as a nurse for St. Augustine Hospital, retired in 1979, then worked for the Veterans Administration Hospital before permanently retiring.
She was married for many years to Walter Carter, who passed away. She is the proud
mother of two daughters, Valerie Gilliam of Pensacola and Greta Carter, who lives in Chicago.
She has four precious Grandchildren, three girls and one boy.
Charity and Aiesha (Valerie) and Tameka and son, named Chicago (Greta).

Mother Gilliam's favorite bible passage is Matthew 6:9-13,
"The Lord's Prayer",
which inspires her in her daily life.
She is a very compasionate and kind-hearted Christian who stands tall
in a league of her own.

Many CMBC members acknowledge that she goes beyond the call as she
personally mails cards and gifts to those who experience a birthday, a wedding
anniversary, become sick, or lose a loved one.
Whatever the occasion,
she shows genuine concern as she helps to brighten someone's day. 
She is truly an inspiration to our CMBC Family
because she manages to put a smile on our faces
just when we need it the most!
This is a very positive attribute, and it shows that she truly has
"A Heart Of Gold"!

One thing we can learn from Mother Gilliam's actions, is that
"A kind act is never too soon because we never know in life, just how soon it will be too late!

We salute you, Mother Gilliam, Keep doing God's work!
You are greatly appreciated for all that you do for   
Christian Missionary Baptist Church!

Member of The Month
December 2011
Mother Willie Mae Gilliam