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  Sis. Woods is very friendly, kind and generous. When she leads a song "He (Jesus) will work it out", she sings from her heart reflecting that she truly knows God answers prayers!

  Sis. Senita Woods, you are very deserving of this honor! Keep doing the work that pleases God. Your CMBC family salutes you and are better and more blessed because you are here!
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March  2014

Sis. Senita Woods


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  In the words of her oldest son, Marcus, Sis. Senita Woods, our honoree for March, experienced a life change following a job related injury.
  Serving God became the sole purpose of her life and daily routines which has led to many blessings for her and her family.

  Sis. Woods is a very dedicated and spiritually focused member who serves faithfully around the Church. She sings with the Gospel Choir and the CMBC Combined Choirs. She is currently a Supervisor for the Youth Ministry and regularly attends Sunday School classes.
  She is the loving mother of three sons, Marcus, Anthony and Joseph and has one daughter, Briana. She cherishes her four grandchiidren, Clarence, Michael, Shaniyha and Jamiyah.
  It would be very difficult to find just one word to describe Sis. Woods. First, she is very "Normal", in the sense that she endures hardships and struggles as any determined mother would. She stands out because of the manner in which she approaches the challenges in her life.
  Secondly, the word "Determined" fits because she refuses to take no for an answer!  She goes that extra mile and sacrifices both mentally and physically when necessary to conquer obstacles in the path of happiness involving her loved ones.

  Case in point, Sis. Woods endured 14 yrs of hard labor at the US Postal Service, while maintaining her home as a single parent. She returned to College and proceeded in her efforts to become a nurse, amid huge sacrifices!

  Lastly, she can be defined by the word "Change." After she lost her job as a result of injuries, her life suddenly took a turn for the worst. She never gave up, but instead, she changed for the best. With a new positive drive, came a new purpose in her life.  No one benefits more than her youngest son, Joseph Lee Bogan, as she  continues to inspire him to be actively involved in the Church and to achieve success in school, just as she has.