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Members Of The Month
October 2013

"The Shavers Family"
Brother Steve
Sydni  &  Steven Ahmad

  Steve has been a dedicated member of CMBC for nearly 6 years and has been a blessing to our Church. He has been instrumental in coordinating with groups in the past to find and secure ponies and bouncy houses for our annual Church picnic, which assured that CMBC members and neighbors had the best time possible. His actions brought much happiness and joy to our children. Bro. Shavers can often be found volunteering for duties behind the scene at Church events, such as lifting tables and performing clean-up tasks with very little to no fuss! One benefit is that with Bro. Shavers' help we traditionally find both Sydni and Ahmad nearby, so we get three helpers for the price of one!
  Bro. Shavers was born on the North Side of Chicago in the Cabrini Green Area, and is one of 12 children. Education was very important to his family. At the age of 15 he began working at the Maywood Race Track, but decided that this was not the career path he wanted to pursue. He later went on to attend the University Of Illinois Circle Campus, where he became President of the Student Union, thus beginning his career in politics.
  In the 80's he worked with the campaign which was successful in electing the late Harold Washington, the 1st African American, as Mayor of the city of Chicago. Later he met, now Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and worked on both his Aldermanic and Congressional staffs. Years later, Steve worked for Cook County Board President, Todd H. Stroger, as a Senior Policy Advisor on Veterans Affairs.
  Bro. Shavers now enjoys being semi-retired and taking his children to Church, and best of all, being a father! He is a very loving Dad who enjoys spending time with his kids, having Friday movie nights and even cleaning the house!
  He continues to bring his children to Church and plans to continue on his spiritual journey with God!
  Sydni Shavers age 12, is the oldest of the sibling pair and is currently in the 7th grade at Kenwood Academy Academic Center.
  She is a faithful member of CMBC and serves on the Junior Usher Board and the Youth Ministry. She is an avid reader, who enjoys novels more than anything. Some of her favorite books are: To Kill A Mockingbird, Roll Of Thunder, Hear My     Cry, and the Lying Game Series.
  She likes watching TV and playing with her little brother. Sydni also loves spending time with her family whenever she has time off from school.
  Sydni enjoys Sunday School and likes to spend time with her friends after service ends. When she is not doing her homework, she often helps her brother with his. Her main focus is on loving the Lord, getting good grades, and making the transition from Elementary school to Middle school.

  Steven Ahmad Shavers, is 9 years old and is the youngest of the two children. He is currently a 4th grader at Sutherland Elementary School. He serves on the Junior Usher Board and is a very active and dedicated young member of the Church.
  Steven loves going to Sunday School, reading, and learning about the Bible.
In his free time, he enjoys playing with his friends, riding his bike, or just playing with his video games....or as he likes to call himself, a "Gamer"!
  Steven loves to read, and his favorite books are: Captain Underpants, Diary of A Whimpy Kid and Comic books.
   His focus is on his spiritual path, getting good grades and getting baptized.

  Christian Missionary Baptist Church salutes the Shavers Family. We are better and more blessed because you are here.  Keep doing the good work that pleases God!
Brother Steve Shavers
Steven Ahmad