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February 2013

Trustee Stephanie Williford
Christian Missionary Baptist Church would like to recognize Trustee Stephanie Williford as the member of the month for February 2013. Trustee Williford has been a faithful and dedicated member of the congregation for many years and we are blessed to have you as part of our church. Trustee Williford has always looked out for her church through her work at the church and the surrounding neighborhood.

To learn about Trustee Williford read the loving words provided by her brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren.

Proverbs 27:2a KJV "Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth..."

My Sister Stephanie

A true sister is a friend who listens with her heart. She is supportive and tries to find ways to make your day brighter. Sometimes that might mean that I might get a phone call before the rooster crows!. When my phone rings early in the morning, I just say, that’s just got to be Stephanie! She’d laugh and say something like, “Did I wake you up? I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to call you.” She’s SPECIAL.

Sisters tend to be the glue that holds families together and they also insist on having family gatherings. When we were growing up we called Stephanie, “Big Sister.” I think she thought that meant that she was in charge. She likes to tell us what to do, but we don’t mind because we only pretend to listen.

It’s great just knowing that a sister is there when you need her, whether it is to listen because you only need someone to JUST LISTEN.

Sisters make you laugh when you really want to cry. Sisters walk through valleys with you and help you through tough times. She’s always ready to pray with you.

You can tell that Stephanie loves children because she always has time to play and tease with them. They seem to both like and respect her.

She is a good mother too, just ask her three daughters. She is also a proud grandmother of one (1) granddaughter, one (1) grandson and two great grandchildren. They call her “Granny” even though she does not act or looks like one. Stephanie is so much like our mother, in that; she never meets a stranger, which means that she has lots of friends. That’s my “Big Sister.” There is no one like her.

Love Jettie

Tribute To My Sister

Stephanie, my dear sister, 
You’re a woman of renown,
You are a gift from God
That’s so rarely found.

You are cheerful, fun-loving,
And friendly to all you meet,
God’s love flows from you
To everyone you greet.

You are always pleasant,
And seldom wear a frown;
You keep your spirit up
And nothing gets you down.

Whenever you’re needed,
You  gladly participate,
And by your loving spirit
You inspire and motivate.

When it comes to God ,
You’re ever so strong,
Diligent in the Word,
And constantly moving on.

You’re a mentor for youth,
An example for them to see,
As you help them become
All that they can be.

Stephanie, we love you;
You’re sent from above,
For God chose you
To communicate His love.

Keep looking to Jesus
And continue what you do;
God will always be there
And He will see you through.

From Your Baby Brother,
Billy Edward Miller
Stephanie “Big Sister”

You are God’s bold and beautiful creation and He loves you with all of His heart. You are a perfect reason to thank Him and celebrate with joy.

The strength of your faith and the kindness of your actions have inspired me many times. I have seen God at work in your life.

You are a lady that wears many different hats. You are one who knows who you are and what God has placed you here to do.

You mastered the task of raising three daughters to walk in the light of the Lord. You are a loving, sharing and graceful sister that I admire.

Sis, you are always busy doing more than other people can get done, and yet you find time to laugh and have fun!

Girl, you have so many qualities that others recognize as rare, yet you are completely unaware. In all the world there is only one you!

God not only loves you very much, He has placed His hands on you for something very special.

Someone once said, “A sister is love mixed with friendship, and that love you never outgrow.” Truer words have never been spoken. Sis, we have a million favorite memories that will always last because they are wrapped up in the great love we have for each other.

I Love You,

Charles Etta

Congratulations on this your special day, and for the recognition that you are receiving for the many, many years of outstanding service to your church and your community. I wish I could be with you and your family to share in this celebration. I thank you know how special you are to all of us in your biological family, but today you get a sense of how special you are in this your spiritual family. Over the years I have come to know how much your church means to you and how proud you are to be a part of the Christian Missionary church family and how deep your love is for the entire church. I know you will continue to do the good works that help to light the way to Christ for all that will follow.

There is much more that I could say about how very special Stephanie is but it might go to her head. I close by saying that I thank God for blessing and keeping you and all your family, I also thank the entire church family for making this day a day that the family will always cherish and remember.

Love Your Brother ROBERT

Dear Mom
I'm glad that are the chosen member of the month of February. You truly deserve to be recognized for your dedication and determination to put God first. Congratulation and may God continue to bless you always. Thank you For being the greatest mother that I could ever Have. Thank you for your guidance, love and support you've always given me.
Love, Darlene

Love is mother Stephanie,
Mother you are a part of Gods body.
Thank you for your love and for giving me back to The Lord .
Love, Karatina

Dear mom,
I'm glad that you are chosen member of the month of February . You truly deserve to be recognized for your dedication and determination to put God first. Congratulation and may God continue to bless you always.
Love Darcie

You are a truly a blessing inspiration and God send to us. Such a beautiful woman who has touched lives of many people. We can't ask for a better grandmother. Thanks for always being there for the family. We love you so much.

Love, Raven & Ronald your grandchildren.


To our great grandmother AKA (granny),
We love you.
Jakiah & TJ

Congratulations and thank you for your love and dedications. I know those roses of loving kindness through words, smell good to you.

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