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July 2014
Snyder & Turner Families
Sis. Deborah Snyder
  Sis. Deborah Snyder, always has a friendly smile on her face, which is a welcoming attribute for an usher. She joined CMBC in 2010 and is a dedicated member. She is truly devoted to her family and the church. She has been married to Ronnie Snyder for 40 years. They have two children, a son, Kendall and a daughter, Armentia. Armentia and her husband, Rodney Anderson have a precious daughter named Autumn, Deborah's only grand-child. Deborah is the sister-in-law of Raquel and Sean, and Aunt to Chadd, Courtney and Danell Turner.
  She serves with the Senior Usher's Board, is a member of Sunday School class 4B, and also works with the Youth Ministry. She is a willing worker around the church and assists diligently in the kitchen on numerous occasions.
  Deborah enjoys a variety of music, as a hobby, and loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.
Sis. Raquel Snyder, also a dedicated member, is Deborah's sister-in-law, and Sean's sister. She has 4 children, Chadd, Danell, and Courtney who are CMBC members. Raquel is devoted to her family and actively serves on the Senior Usher's Board. Her hobbies are skating and bowling, but she also enjoys good music and solving crossword puzzles. During Sunday worship service, Raquel loves interacting with the congregation, and assisting members, but her top priority is to serve the Lord!
  In the past, Raquel worked as a "Case Manager" in the Social Services sector for 10 years. However, in 2010, she decided to change her career to a "Medical Insurance Biller". She completed her education at Everest College in 2011, proudly graduating with a GPA of 3.89. Her hard work paid off! She currently works as a "Follow-up Associate" and is absolutely loving it!!
Bro. Sean Snyder

  Bro Sean Snyder is Rachel's brother, Deborah's brother-in-law and is the uncle of Chadd, Courtney and Danell Turner. He has a precious daughter and 2 grand-children who are very special to him. He graduated from Corliss High School and has been a CMBC member for several years. He enjoys singing with the Combined Choir as well as the Men's Choir.
  Sean's favorite Bible verses are John 3:16 and Romans 5:8. Sean enjoys spending quality time with his family and close friends. His hobbies are painting and cooking. CMBC appreciates that he utilizes  his cooking talent as he voluntarily works in the kitchen and assists with serving breakfast.
Courtney Turner

  Courtney is the only daughter of Raquel Snyder, the sister of Chadd and Danell, and the niece of Deborah and Sean. She is 19 years old and has a precious baby son, Jayden, who is the love of her life. His birthday is just 4 days before hers, which will likely make the years ahead very special during that time for her family!
  Courtney graduated from high school recently, and plans to continue her education and begin her career in the medical field. Good luck, Courtney, trust in the Lord and he will make your dreams become your reality!

  Sis. Raquel Snyder
   Chadd Turner
  Chadd defines himself  as very smart young man who is staying focused on getting a good education! He is devoted to his mom who he describes as "wonderful and loving" and he also loves and appreciates his family very much. He is the youngest son of Raquel, the brother of Courtney and Danell, and nephew of Deborah and Sean. Chadd enjoys playing a variety of sports such as basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, swimming and track. He likes art and drawing and plans to attend college and major in "Graphic Design" and "Gaming Technology". Good luck, Chadd, always put God first, don't give up and your success lies ahead!
      Danell Turner
  Danell is an older son of Raquel, brother of Courtney and Chadd, and nephew of Deborah and Sean, who is also a proud member of the church. He is friendly with a quiet demeanor. He's highly devoted to his family and also enjoys being around close friends. Danell likes football, but especially enjoys fishing on one of his friend's boat. He loves having fun, going to places in downtown Chicago, and enjoys spending time with his family.
Christian Missionary Baptist Church salutes the Snyder and Turner families. We appreciate each of you and are better and more blessed because you are here. Keep doing the work that is pleasing to God!
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