Tammy M. Vance is the daughter of our Pastor, Robert E. Harper and First Lady, Laura J. Harper and granddaughter of one of CMBC nurses Mrs. Yvonne Anderson. Tammy and her brother Rev. Marcus A. Harper have been preacher’s kids since 1975.

Tammy is a single adult, no children, devoted Aunt, but has a dog “Angel” whom she loves.

She has been a member of CMBC since 1981and has always been involved in various ministries of CMBC.  As a youth she sang in the Youth Choir, served on the Jr. Usher’s Board and always came to Sunday School. As she matured, she never left CMBC but continued to grow in God’s Word and became more responsible to the ministries she serves. She currently sings with the Inspirational Choir and Combined choirs. She has always had a passion to work with the youth and serves in various capacities. She teaches the Senior Class of the Jr. Department of Sunday School, Youth Coordinator, Assistant Director of the Youth Ministries, Youth Choir Supervisor and serves on the Scholarship Committee. Beginning this year she adds to her various responsibilities that of Assistant Superintendent of the Youth Department of Sunday School.

As stated earlier Tammy has always had a passion to work with children not just in the church but also in the secular world. She is a teacher in a Chicago Public School. She has taught for 12 years at Harold Washington Elementary School (formally Oliver H. Perry) the elementary school she and her brother graduated from.  She has taught in various benchmark grades but currently teaches 3rd grade.

She has always achieved to become an “A” student. She works hard and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, many certifications and currently holds three Masters Degrees and just recently passed the Type 75 exam which is the exam to become an administrator (Principal) in a Chicago Public School.



Tammy is a humble individual who puts God first in her life. She also wants the young people to know that with God all things are possible.

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