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   In earlier years, he attended Resurrection Elementary School, and later graduated from  Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL.  After high school, he worked for Jewel Foods briefly before starting his career job with Com Ed, his current employer, for 35 years.                        
Member Of The Month

January 2014

Deacon Wendell Anders

  Deacon Wendell Anders, our first 2014 honoree, is very likable and friendly and has an engaging personality. He enjoys having fun and making others laugh. He was born in the month of June and grew up in and around the Church. He officially joined at the age of six under the leadership of the late Pastor, Rev. John Taylor, and serves faithfully today under our current Pastor Robert E. Harper. His parents, Deacon Wilbert and Deaconess Willis Anders, have been dedicated members of CMBC for 50 years and counting.
  Wendell is a very special son, who takes excellent care of his parents, as his Mom says, "in their older years"!

   In past years, whenever possible, he would voluntarily designate himself as the driver for Pastor Taylor, and later, our current Pastor Robert E. Harper. His kindness has been greatly appreciated especially for very long road trips. He truly stands by and is always "there" whenever the Pastor needs him!
  Deacon Anders has been working very diligently around CMBC throughout the years. He sang with several choirs in the past: the Youth Choir, the Young Adult Choir, the Combined Choir Ministry, and he currently sings with the Men's Choir.

  Deacon Anders has an older brother, Carl, who suffered a disabling stroke in 2004. As a result, he was unable to care for his two beautiful young daughters.  Both ladies, Ashley and Debra are very special to Wendell and he continues to fulfill the role as their father/uncle. 
  On August 25, 2013, Wendell suffered a stroke. He remains on disability leave from work while still under the Doctor's care.
  He is doing quite well now, however, and takes pride in knowing that "God is not finished with him yet, and he is in control!"
  Your CMBC family and friends salute you, Brother Anders! You are loved and appreciated, and we are thankful that you are still here with us! Keep doing the work that is pleasing to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!