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Mother Linnie Whitaker September 2011
Sister Annie Fullilove October 2011
Brother Darren & Sister Valerie Shannon November 2011
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Sister Willie Mae Gilliam December 2011
Sister Tammy Vance January 2012
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Brother Michael Shannon
February 2012
Master Malik Waddy
March 2012
Brother Edgar & Sister Victoria Anderson April 2012
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Sister Deborah Robertson July 2012
Delno & Wyatt Families August 2012
Sykes, Meyers, Courtenay & Cartlidge Families September 2012
Deacon John Nobles
October 2012
Sister Yvonne Anderson November 2012
Leaks, Harston & Douglas Families December 2012
Trustee Yolanda Lewis January 2013
Photos & Special Events
Youth Members Tatiana & Kharunissa Green January 2013
Trustee Stephanie Williford February 2013
Youth Members
Kasey & Keenan Howard
February 2013
Craig & Love Families March 2013
Youth Member
Joseph Bogan
March 2013
CMBC's Married Couples April 2013
Youth Member
Charity Abner
April 2013
Brother Lee C. Harper Sr. July 2013
Youth Members Makalah, Markayle and Morghan Felder July 2013
Trustee Gladys Woolfolk August 2013
Youth Members Dyrell, Deja and Dierra Ashley August 2013
Brother James Fullilove September 2013
Youth Member
Jakiah Jackson September 2013
Shavers Family
October 2013
Youth Member
Darren Tyrone Shannon Jr. October 2013
Trustee William Swanson Sr. November 2013
Youth Member
Rhonda Lewis
November 2013
Sister Regina Vaughan December 2013
Youth Members Troy and Tyler Danzy December  2013
Deacon Wendell Anders January 2014
Youth Member
Larry Whitfield III January 2014
Mother Tempie Thomas February 2014
Youth Member Anais Jermany
February 2014
Sister Senita Woods March 2014
Youth Member Joi Courtenay
March 2014
CMBC's Married Couples April 2014
Youth Member Davian Brown April 2014
Synder & Turner Families July 2014
Youth Member Damari Thomas July 2014
Sister Flora Coats August 2014
Youth Member Ronald Thompson August 2014
The Harvey Family September 2014
Youth Members Demetria, Destiny, Desiree & Demetrius Adams III
September 2014
Brother Calvin Flippin October 2014
Youth Member Aiden Coleman October 2014
Sister Gloria Gregg November 2014
Youth Member Thomas J Hawkins III November  2014
Sister Charlotte Shannon January 2015
Rev. Alyne Banks December 2014
Youth Member Jayce Ethan Webb January 2015
Youth Members The Barzes December 2014
Sis. Karatina Dillard February 2015
Youth Members
Nicholas & Christian Hudson
February 2015
Rev. Richard James March 2015
Youth Member Peyton Culpepper
March 2015
CMBC's Married Couples April 2015
Youth Members
Mariah & A'niyah Washington April 2015
Bro. Andrew Fort
July 2015
Sis. Veronica Lindsey
August 2015
Youth Members
Kamari & Keenan Robertson August 2015
Youth Members
Danell & Chadd Turner
July 2015
Sis. Mary Carter
September 2015
Youth Member
Tyvion Brown
September 2015
Trustee Emeritus Listoria Perryman
October 2015
Youth Members
Rev. Rome and Asia McEntee October 2015
Sis. Symbricke Lindsey
November 2015
Youth Members
CMBC Youth Choir & Supervisors November 2015
Sis. Mickey Parker
December 2015
Youth Members
Junior Sunday School Department
December 2015
Sis. Varletta Lewis
January 2016
Sis. Barbara Richard
March 2016
Youth Members
Sarai, Jesi and Timothy Murray March 2016
Sis. Eva Mae Walker
July 2016